The Hague Center
for Field Inquiry

“We are receivers of dreams from beyond us. The Emerging Future wants and needs to be listened to and heard in a deeply respectful way. The Center provides an organizational structure to listen deeply to the Emerging Future and to broadcast its messages.”

What is The Hague Center for Field Inquiry (THC.FI)?

THC.FI is a holon of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation, and Emergence. THC is a co-creative collective serving the emergence of a harmonic, conscious humanity

Inspired by our love for All-Life, it is a Center for deep inquiry into big questions!

Who is Involved?

THC.FI was founded by Diana Claire Douglas (Systemic Coach, Facilitator and Consultant) and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve (Founder of THC, Facilitator, Social Architect, Co-Creator, and Meshworker).

Deep Inquiry Partners include Peter Stefanyi, Coach and Trainer; Judy Wilkins-Smith, Constellator, Consultant and Trainer.

We are supported in these Deep Inquiries by the THC core team and participants from a growing community of those interested in THC.FI’s work. 

We are developing partnerships with leaders and organizations who wish to collaborate and co-create Projects with THC.FI. This includes Professor Dr Georg Műller-Christ, Constellator, Sustainable Management, University of Bremen, Germany.

Why THC.FI Now?

What if we approached the complexity of the world’s challenges with humble hearts and minds? What if we let ourselves explore, starting from a place of unknowing and curiosity?

There are some questions that cannot be answered from our mind’s intelligence, and those are some of the most essential and urgent questions of our lives and the world. Shifting from humanity’s propensity to believe we have the answers to complex challenges, for several years at The Hague Center, we have been exploring big questions through listening beyond what our intellects tell us and listening to the Knowing Field.

What happens at THC.FI?

This is our place to listen deeply to the Field, to experiment, explore, and test, using phenomenological approaches (direct experience of participants) as the methodology.

This is where we do embodied research, sacred research, exploring Humanity’s relationship with Earth and Cosmos.

We trust in doing Deep Inquiry Projects we are planting seeds for emergence in Collective Consciousness. When the time is right, we apply our findings to develop new tools, frameworks, and innovations for a truly regenerative world.

Present Projects:

1.Conversations on inquiry and research

As we are continuing to be guided as we explore what THC.FI will be, Diana Claire has been having conversations with a number of researchers—Constellators and others—about what is research, in general? What is inquiry using a phenomenological approach such as Constellation Work? What is the value of having a Center for such research/inquiry? We will be using the results to inform what the Center becomes.

2.The Conscious Witness Project (CWP)

The theme for this Deep Inquiry Project is: What role can and does the Conscious Witness play in shifting conflictual patterns towards healing and thus transforming humanity’s perception of Life? 

Since 2016, a team from THC has been exploring the Conscious Witness through different modes of inquiry. We set the intention as: 1) to become aware of the impact of witnessing, whether in a small circle of participants in a workshop, or during local, national, or global events; and 2) to encourage the development of the Conscious Witness as a necessary aspect of societal transformation—moving from social action (polarized) to sacred activism (beyond polarization).

The researchers are: Diana Claire Douglas (Constellator and THC.FI lead), Rosalba Stocco (Constellator in Stage 1); Peter Stefanyi (trained Quantum Physicist and Coach); and Judy Wilkins-Smith (Constellator). We are supported by THC’s core team and a number of engaged participants who are representatives in the Constellations.

As of 2022 we can name four stages in this Inquiry: 

  1. Exploring the different kinds of witnesses — who they are, how many there are, what their developmental pathway is, what their impact is.
  2. Peter did quantum-like experiments to test underlying assumptions about the quantum theory that the observer affects what is observed.
  3. Judy, Diana Claire and Peter explored the question “What is the relationship between the Knowing Field and the Quantum Field?“ using the phenomenological approach of Systemic Constellation Work as the methodology. Peter then applied his quantum perspective in harvesting the results.
  4. Having laid the groundwork, Diana Claire, Judy and Peter are now shifting their phenomenological experiments to explore questions that quantum science might ask and applying these to the different kinds of witnesses.

3.Humanity’s Place

Presently in the design phase of this research project, we are exploring the Overarching Theme, “What will it take for Humanity to be in its rightful place in the flow of love and life?” We see this as one of the most important questions of our time.

Many Indigenous Peoples around the world tell stories about human beings being the youngest members of the earthly family. What if many of our present crises are because we are not in our right place and therefore cannot be in right relationship? Phenomenological research using the Systemic Constellation Work process has shown that when we are out of the natural orders of Life—place, belonging, rank, and balance of give and take—Life cannot flow smoothly.

What will it take for Humanity to come into our rightful place, and to know that we belong to the Earth not as dominators but as lovers of the Earth and all her beings?

We will be doing multiple phenomenological experiments in a variety of formats and with many groups of participants in this collaborative, participatory action research project.

If you are interested in joining us in Deep Inquiry, please contact Diana Claire Douglas

To learn more about the phenomenological approach through Systemic Constellation Work:

And Diana Claire Douglas’s book Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field.

Extraordinary Experiences

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Our Core Values

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